Eloping is a beautiful choice for couples seeking an intimate and deeply personal way to celebrate their love. By opting for a small private ceremony you have the opportunity to exchange vows in a setting that truly resonates with you, whether it’s a picturesque beach, a serene mountain hideaway, or a charming cityscape.

Eloping allows you to focus on each other without the stress of planning a large event, providing a sense of freedom and authenticity. This intimate approach enables couples to create a ceremony that reflects their unique connection, free from the expectations and formalities of a traditional wedding.

Embracing the simplicity of eloping means prioritising the essence of your relationship, making it a wonderfully memorable experience centred solely on your love and commitment to each other.

Eloping vs. Wedding – What’s the Difference?

As elopements gain popularity, you’ve probably seen the photos of couples on mountaintops floating around the Internet – and you might know that eloping isn’t the same as a traditional wedding. But what’s the difference? When you compare eloping vs. wedding, is it a difference in guest count, a change of location, a shorter timeline? 

The truth is that there isn’t just one thing that makes your wedding day an elopement! I think of traditional weddings as a bigger event – one where the focus is on the event itself, on making sure the guests have a good time, and on the somewhat “performance-y” aspect of getting married in front of all those people.

On the other hand, an elopement is intentionally designed to be about the couple. It’s about making sure your wedding day is about you and what you want, rather than about throwing the best party. You have a lot more freedom and flexibility in the way you get married.

And somewhere in between eloping and traditional weddings, there’s the intimate wedding. “Intimate wedding” usually refers to a wedding with a smaller guest count, less than 50 or so people. We’ll talk about the difference between elopements and small weddings too! 

Now let’s get into it – eloping vs. wedding.

Flinders Ranges Wedding

Eloping vs. Wedding – the Guest Count

This is usually the first thing that comes to mind when people think about the difference between elopements and weddings. There isn’t an exact number of guests that turns an elopement into a wedding, but elopements do usually have fewer people! 

The number matters less than the way that your elopement feels, and the most important thing is that your guests support you, love you, and are on board with whatever you’ve got planned for your elopement day. Some couples want to take the day to themselves, and elope in total privacy, while others can’t imagine tying the knot without their favorite people around! I’d say that an elopement can have up to 25 guests before it becomes a small wedding, but it’s more about the focus of your day being on the couple.

Faithwood Chapel

Elopement Planning vs. Wedding Planning

A lot of couples realise that they want to elope because they started planning a traditional wedding, then realised it just wasn’t worth the stress! If you aren’t much of a planner, or you aren’t into choosing between colour schemes, you’ll be happy to know that while eloping does require some planning and some decision making, they’re a lot less stressful.

Elopements are much more flexible, and you don’t need to worry about 200 guests – it’s just about you and your partner, and what would make you the happiest! And if things don’t go according to plan on the big day, it’s all part of the adventure. It’s much easier to roll with the punches and allow for spontaneity when you don’t have to worry about throwing a party for everyone you know to enjoy.

A lot of couples say they hardly got to enjoy their traditional wedding, which is kind of a bummer! They’re so worried about everything going right and saying hello to every guest, that at the end of the night, they realise the day was about everyone but them. Elopements let you be in the moment, present with each other, and enjoying every minute!

Blanch Point

Eloping vs. Wedding – Authenticity

Now I’m not saying that a traditional wedding is phony or inauthentic – but inevitably, when you have so many guests, it’s harder to be completely yourself. For a lot of people, it can be harder or more stressful to read the vows with an audience, and eloping ensures that you aren’t just being authentic with each other, but that you’re being authentic with how you begin your marriage!Eloping vs. Wedding – Authenticity

For a lot of couples, a big party, dancing, and a ceremony in front of 100 people just isn’t them. But because we’re told that this is how weddings are supposed to be, a lot of these couples just do it anyway, without realizing that they have other options!

Planning an elopement is about being intentional, and thinking about what would make this day truly meaningful, and truly incredible. It’s about having an authentic day that reflects you and makes you excited about the rest of your lives together!

Elopement vs. Small Wedding

A small wedding is often called an intimate wedding, and this is somewhere in between an elopement and a traditional wedding. An intimate wedding usually has around 50 guests, and is more about spending time with them than just about throwing a party. But, with a small wedding the emphasis is usually still on the guests and on the event, and with more people, you will likely need something closer to a traditional venue.

Each couple is different, so while I’m definitely a fan of elopements, I wholeheartedly believe that the right way to get married is the one that feels right to you – and only you know what that is! 

If you want to spend time with your loved ones, but you love the idea of eloping, consider doing both! You can have a tiny elopement, then throw a reception later – it can be the same day, or you can celebrate days, weeks, or months after you actually tie the knot. You can also split up your elopement day, spending half of it alone and half of it with your family. 

The most important thing to remember is that there aren’t any rules to how you get married, so don’t box yourself in! Dream big, and make sure this is a day you’ll love celebrating each year on your anniversary.

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Elopements start at $1395

Whether you’re looking to get married on a beach, a national park surrounded by the forest or want the urban, city feel – if you are wanting something small and intimate this could be for you.

Coverage starts at $1395 for 2 hours in Adelaide.

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