Where to Stay

Kuitpo Forest

Kuitpo Forest was actually man-made, created to ensure that South Australia had a sustainable timber supply. It is now full of tall Radaita pines, and offers many hiking trails and places to walk through the woods. If you elope in the Kuitpo Forest, you’ll be surrounded by tall pines and endless trails to explore.

Where to Stay

Alligator Gorge

This place is one of my favourites!

3 hours drive north of Adelaide, Alligator gorge is based in Mount Remarkable national park near Wilmington.

You can take small walks along the walking tracks or longer hikes that take you through an amazing landscape of cut rocks and colourful cliffs.

Its nice and secluded and does not get a huge amount of visitors, depending on what time of year you visit.

Where to Stay

You can stay overnight at Alligator Lodge which sleeps eight to ten people. It is near the northern entrance to the park. The lodge has three bedrooms and gives you stunning views of the surrounding bush.

Kangaroo Island

Imagine seeing kangaroos taking their afternoon naps, sea lions sunbathing on beaches, and koalas dozing off among the eucalyptus. With just a short ferry ride or a 30 minute flight from the Adelaide Airport, you’ll find yourself on Kangaroo Island, where you’ll see all this and more. Kangaroo Island not only has amazing landscapes and stunning coastlines but it also has Wineries and breweries with beautiful backdrop.

This is one of the best places to elope in South Australia, but be warned – if you end up visiting Kangaroo Island, you’ll never want to leave.

Where to Stay

Whether 5 star hotels or if camping is your cup of tea, Kangaroo Island has no shortage of amazing places to stay. These beachside cabins and bungalows are the best way to experience the vast beaches and rugged coast lines of the island. You can find anything from small, 2 person cottages, to large beach houses to accommodate your post-elopement party. Heres a couple of spots to check out – ,

Second Valley

Second Valley is a coastal town in South Australia, and home to Second Valley Beach, which was named one of South Australia’s “most instagrammed locations.” And for good reason this place offers some of the most amazing views of the coastline and unique geological formations.

If you like swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, Second Valley is perfect for you. You

can also rent a kayak and go exploring through caves and different rock formations along the coast.

Where to Stay

Nearby Second Valley, there is a unique cabin nestled in a quiet area, or bed and breakfasts where you can enjoy views of the sunset over the ocean, and the occasional visit from a kangaroo, theres heaps of accomodation to choose from thats either based near Second Valley or closer to the city.